Traffic Violations

A well prepared defense is the best defense for a traffic violation. While often viewed as a less serious offense, a traffic violation can result in higher insurance premiums, loss of time from work/school and the temporary/permanent loss of your driver’s license. Don’t risk losing your license or negatively impacting your social life, family life or livelihood. Find an attorney who can get you back on the road.


For many people, a DUI is their first encounter with the law. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is critical that you speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately.  A conviction on this charge can result in a suspended or revoked driver’s license, a fine or even incarceration. You need a lawyer who will act quickly to request your right to an Administrative License Revocation Hearing (ALR) and begin preparing your DWI defense.


If you have injured someone without legal justification, you may be facing an assault charge. A conviction can result in jail time, high fines and a range of other consequences, such as but not limited to: enforced anger management classes, losing the right to possess a firearm or community supervision. Hiring an experienced counsel protects your rights, your future, and your freedoms.

Protective Orders

If someone has requested a protective order against you, do not sign anything. Call Jennifer Pena to obtain legal counsel and understand your rights. A protective order can severely limit your right to travel freely and to carry firearms. We will help you understand your options and ensure your rights are being protected.

Probation Revocation

If you have violated the terms of your probation, talk to us about potential alternatives to probation revocation. We may be able to help you retain your probationary status and receive treatment for any underlying drug or mental health issues that may have caused you to violate the original terms of your probation.

Sexual Offenses

A charge of statutory rape or other sex crime can result in serious consequences. If convicted of a sex offense, you may receive prison time and be required to register as a sex offender thus living with a damaged reputation for the remainder of your life. Proactive legal action is the best strategy and can help ensure that you receive a fair trial.


Theft charges can result from a range of activities that may include: stealing a car, shoplifting, writing a bad check, embezzling, or breaking and entering. The penalties for such charges range from minor to severe and any theft of goods or money greater than $1,500 is considered a serious crime. While some factors may seem insignificant, if crafted in a strong defense, those factors make a difference in reducing the sentence to a lesser charge or removing the charge completely. Prompt legal advice is crucial to a successful outcome.


If you have been charged with manufacturing, distributing, selling or possessing: illegal drugs, controlled substances, or materials used to produce controlled substances, you could be facing serious state or federal charges. Nothing is gained by waiting; it is important to begin strategizing your defense.  Contact Jennifer Pena to discuss your case and ensure a fair trial.

Juvenile Law

Whether it’s underage drinking, drug use, assault or other illegal behavior, juvenile criminal convictions can have serious and lasting effects on the life of a minor. A conviction can close the door on future opportunities, including college, student loans and a respectable career. We understand that a mistake made as a child should not adversely affect the rest of their life. We will advocate for a fair hearing and a chance to regain all opportunities for a bright future.

Federal Offenses

Federal crimes are handled differently than state offenses. Types of federal crimes may include tax evasion, kidnapping, counterfeiting, drug-related offenses and immigration offenses. Penalties for federal crimes are often much more severe and carry longer sentences than state offenses. For some convictions, mandatory minimum sentences can be enforced making the swift appointment of legal counsel especially important. Choose legal counsel that is experienced with federal offenses, contact the Jennifer Pena Law Firm for a confidential consultation.

Expunctions and Non-disclosure Orders

If you have a prior criminal history you wish to have sealed from state or federal authorities, we may be able to help you remove these items from your record with an expunction or nondisclosure order. Contact us to discuss your options.


Please contact us for immediate assistance. Licensed in the State of Texas, we offer our clients bond services!